June 16, 2017



Fox Network instituted the Descriptive Audio Service on their network shows to aid the visually challenged viewer. The service contains a verbal description of actions occurring on screen. The service runs in a signal space reserved for Separate Audio Services or SAP/MTS. At non-network times when the Fox Network is not sending program and we are originating the programming, the signal space for this service is still reserved but no audio is available so it fills with random digital noise. This is the loud noise you hear from you speakers. There may also be Spanish dialog. Some televisions and converter boxes get confused by the random digital noise and pass this audio rather than program audio to your speakers. It's also possible you may occasionally receive Spanish audio.

To cure the problem your TV or converter box needs to be switched back to the main audio channel. (Different manufactures have labeled the main channel differently so the procedure will vary depending on your set) If you have an SAP or MTS button on your remote, point it to the TV and press the SAP/MTS button repeatedly until you hear the normal audio. Many TV's have an English/Spanish/French language setting in the TV menus under setup or audio. If the TV says anything other than English, please switch it to English. If the TV says it's on English, switch it to another language then back to English (remember, the TV/converter is confused). This should clear the problem. It is possible for this to happen more than once. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with Fox Networks to develop a more permanent solution.

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